Open Inventor Newsletter Spring 2020

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Thermo Scientific
Open Inventor Newsletter Spring 2020
ARAI: Advanced surgical navigation guidance platform (HOLOSURGICAL) uses Open Inventor Toolkit
HOLOSURGICAL has created ARAI™, an advanced surgical navigation guidance platform that combines 3D visualization, data analytics, and machine learning to improve patient outcomes, reduce operation time, and decrease surgical complications.
HOLOSURGICAL chose Thermo Scientific™ Open Inventor™ Toolkit for the development of the ARAI surgical navigation system because of its powerful, real-time, 3D graphics rendering performance; its rich set of highly-optimized algorithms for 2D images, 3D volumes, and polygonal mesh processing; and its convenient, high-level scene-graph paradigm for efficiently handling real-time user interaction with intricate and complex virtual environments.
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ATON3D: Post-processing 3D for endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) planning (Mobilemed Solutions) uses Open Inventor Toolkit
Mobilemed Solutions provides the powerful medical software, ATON3D®, for educational and clinical use. Loading and rendering DICOM data with very high quality, the software allows users to obtain the best results for advanced analysis and study cases.
Powered by the Open Inventor 3D Software Development Toolkit, ATON3D has very high-quality 3D volume rendering, with many CT and MR presets, providing users the best experience during their work. The powerful and complete Open Inventor Toolkit image processing library allows our team to easily build and integrate segmentation and analysis workflows.
“We selected Open Inventor Toolkit in reason of its high rendering quality, its variety of medical features in the Medical Image Computing package, and its advanced algorithms for image processing. Thus, we became more competitive in the market and reached a great level of innovation for our solution.”
Fabrício Venturelle Amorim, Chief Operating Officer, Rubens Maroti Filho, .NET Developer
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Prairie View A&M University: Big Seismic Data Visualization on Cloud: A Case Study Collaborating with Industry
Scientific and industrial data have grown too big to efficiently process and visualize using current desktop solution. Due to this, cloud computing has become a feasible solution for tackling the challenge of big data. However, how to efficiently visualize big data sets remotely, such as the Oil & Gas industry seismic volume on the cloud, remains a challenge.
This paper presents a collaborative work with Prairie View A&M University to design and implement a cloud-based visualization software system geared toward providing a feasible solution for big data visualization. Open Inventor Toolkit’s remote visualization technology makes it possible to interactively display a high-quality rendering of very large distant 2D/3D data stored on a remote high-capacity server. The bandwidth optimization techniques even allow very large 3D model exploration with the same level of accuracy as on a powerful workstation.
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New feature: Halo Highlighting
Object selection and highlighting is a critical part of providing a great user experience in your 3D application program. The first requirement is fast “picking.” It means that, when the user clicks, the application can identify which object or objects were selected. A second, and equally important, requirement is effective “highlighting.” Highlighting means to provide visual feedback that clearly shows the user which object or objects were selected.
Open Inventor Toolkit provides both fast picking and effective highlighting. Open Inventor 10.5 introduced a new technique called “halo” highlighting that provides a modern, aesthetic, and efficient way of highlighting selected objects in a scene. The halo highlighting tool draws the external contour or silhouette of a selected object, as shown in this image.
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What’s New in RemoteViz?
The Open Inventor RemoteViz extension enables software developers to easily create zero-client, web-based applications and services with advanced 3D visualization. Unlike remote desktop solutions that require installation of a client application on the user’s local machine, web-based applications using RemoteViz display inside the user’s web browser. RemoteViz uses video streaming (AVC/H.264 or VP9) to minimize bandwidth and GPU accelerated H.264 video encoding to maximize performance.
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Academic program: Be on the cutting edge of innovation
Qualified academic and non-commercial organizations can apply for the Open Inventor Academic Program. Through this initiative, individuals in your organization can use the Open Inventor Software Toolkit at no charge for non-commercial use.
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