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Open Inventor Toolkit at SEG
The Thermo Scientific™ Open Inventor™ Toolkit 3D library brings 20+ years of experience solving the most challenging visualization problems in E&P applications. On the desktop or in the cloud, Open Inventor Toolkit handles your largest data sets and provides fast, high-quality 3D rendering for volumes, horizons, wells, reservoir models, and other data.
Join us at SEG 11 – 16 Oct 2020 | Virtual Event to meet our Open Inventor Toolkit team of experts.
GeoTeric software for 3D seismic interpretation
Developed by geoscientists and software developers, Geoteric’s AI Seismic Interpretation is fully integrated within their workflow. Steered by three core elements in their mission statement; science, people, and technology, Geoteric designed an AI-driven Seismic Interpretation platform with the interpreter in control. With people at the heart of the design, it combines both the strengths of human knowledge plus the capability of the machine.
“We selected Open Inventor Toolkit as the core 3D visualization component for our product line because we needed a solution that provided excellent performance, handled extensive data sets, and provided reliable, effective support. 3D seismic interpretation involves displaying very large volumes of data using various GPU-intensive rendering techniques, including color blending, opacity blending, and volume rendering.”- James Lowell, Research & Development Director at GeoTeric
Research: Very Large Reservoir POC
Visualization is critical for the creation and validation of reservoir models and for interpreting the resulting data sets from the simulator. Visualization of large reservoir models is already challenging and some simulators are now capable of handling more than a billion cells.  How will we visualize this data?
This research project uses multi-resolution concepts from our long experience effectively managing very large seismic volumes and it builds upon many years of optimization work in computation (feature extraction) and rendering reservoir models.
Product Life Cycle Announcements
Open Inventor Toolkit 10 platform changes
No support after OIV 10.8 Replacement Affects product
Qt 5.12 Qt 5.15 Open Inventor C++
Oracle JDK 8 OpenJDK 11 Open Inventor Java
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Microsoft Edge RemoteViz extension
New platform Compiler Available
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 gcc 8.2 Q1 2021 (OIV 10.9)
Ubuntu Linux 20.04 gcc 9 Q2 2021 (OIV 10.10)
Feature Highlight: Horizon Volume Probe for 3D seismic interpretation
In addition to supporting extremely large data sets, Open Inventor provides many visualization features specifically designed to enhance E&P applications.  Two key features for seismic interpretation are Height Field Rendering for horizons and Uniform Grid Clipping for volumes.
Combining these two features allows the application to create a Horizon Volume Probe, clipping the seismic volume to the region between two horizon surfaces.  Read the linked article to see how this works.
PerGeos Software for Digital Rock Analysis
Thermo Scientific™ PerGeos Software is a robust platform that enables E&P engineers to understand the quality and performance of hydrocarbon reservoirs. PerGeos Software is the industry’s first digital rock solution designed to help geoscientists rapidly interpret digital rock imagery so that E&P engineers can quickly and easily obtain meaningful, actionable data. Its visualization, processing, and analysis of 2D and 3D digital rock imagery enables improved evaluation of reservoir quality and faster understanding of static and dynamic rock properties that impact production.
“The PerGeos Software team relies on Open Inventor Toolkit to handle our challenging 3D visualization and image processing requirements. This allows us to stay focused on our core expertise: implementing state-of-the-art analysis and productivity tools for digital rock. A key feature of Open Inventor Toolkit, for us, is its unique ability to visualize very large 3D volumes even on average hardware.” – Davy Penhard, Product Marketing Manager for PerGeos Software
Academic program: Be on the cutting edge of innovation
Qualified academic and non-commercial organizations can apply for the Open Inventor Academic Program. Through this initiative, individuals in your organization can use the Open Inventor Software Toolkit at no charge for non-commercial use.
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