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Open Inventor Toolkit newletter
Open Inventor Newsletter
What's new in Open Inventor Toolkit 10
Thermo Scientific™ Open Inventor™ Toolkit version 10 introduced a new render engine re-designed to take full advantage of modern graphics hardware and rendering effects. In this on-demand webcast, we highlight some of the features added since Open Inventor Toolkit 10. These include much faster rendering for complex scenes with many small objects, ambient occlusion for line rendering, edge fading for large mesh data, halo highlighting for object selection, elastic image registration, and many enhancements in our RemoteViz image streaming technology for web-based applications.
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Need to visualize and interact with multi-modal 3D medical data sets for orthodontic and surgical planning?
Thermo Scientific™ Open Inventor™ Toolkit allows you to visualize and interact with multi-modal 3D medical data sets for orthodontic and surgical planning. Open Inventor Toolkit can co-visualize 3D data sets from intraoral, face, and CBCT scanners to create a digital representation of the patient.
OMNICxi Software: Chemical composition of pharmaceutical tablets and polymers
Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™xi Software, combined with the Thermo Scientific DXR™3xi Raman Imaging Microscope allows you to create and analyze chemical images of your samples. Thanks to a joint development between the Spectroscopy and Thermo Scientific Open Inventor™ Toolkit teams, the recent 2.0 release of OMNICxi Software now supports 3D visualization.
Carla S. Draper, Sr. Manager, Software & Digital Science:
“When the OMNICxi Software development team wanted to add 3D visualization to their package, Open Inventor Toolkit was an easy choice. The Open Inventor SDK made it easy to implement 3D in our software codebase, and it produces stunning visualizations for our customers. Hyperspectral data visualization is an important area of innovation for Thermo Fisher.”
RemoteViz Getting Started Guide
RemoteViz is an image streaming technology for interactive web-based visualization applications that run on a server and display in the user’s web browser. We have just released a new Getting Started Guide for RemoteViz that walks through creating a basic visualization service and a client web viewer.
New feature: ViewingCube
The SoViewingCube class is a new user interface component that provides visual feedback about the current orientation of the scene camera and also gives you a convenient way to select predefined camera orientations.
New feature: SceneOrbiter
The SceneOrbiter is a new viewer component class that combines the convenient “examiner viewer” camera interaction with a dramatic improvement in the user experience. Unlike previous Thermo Scientific™ Open Inventor™ Toolkit examiner viewers, interacting with the Scene Orbiter is modeless.
Academic program: Be on the cutting edge of innovation
Qualified academic and non-commercial organizations can apply for the Open Inventor Academic Program. Through this initiative, individuals in your organization can use the Open Inventor Software Toolkit at no charge for non-commercial use.
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